Denise Matthews aka Vanity from Vanity 6 is everything….!!!  She is one of the most babliest babes to have ever existed and her style is as ridiculous as her body is…  She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model, and all around baddie.

Prince found Denise at the American Music Awards in 1980… he quickly renamed her Vanity because he claims he saw the female reflection of himself in her.. Vanity was in Vanity 6 from 1980-1983… their hit song being NASTY GIRL… She also appeared in the movie “The Last Dragon”

Denise designed almost all of the outfits she wore on stage and at appearances…. She is definitely a huge inspiration to us..

2 3 Vanity VANITY ARCHIVE 6 7 10 11 13 Vanity Le dernier dragon 17 VANITY ARCHIVE Vanity 20 Ron Galella, Ltd. 22Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 200923 24 25

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  1. I don’t post disrespectful blogs of people of God thank you very much sir!! You should be careful what you post publicly. Your lol can’t change to OmG!

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