Can’t believe it has been 19 years since Selena has been gone… If you follow us…you know how must of an inspiration Selena is to us…She is everything! This is our favorite photo of her ever… That smile could light up the world… ❤




We have a thing Trill Romance…. true ride or die til death do us part type shit… When I think of trill romance the first couple that comes to my head is Selena and Chris Perez… this was a couple that was madly in love….willing to defy her family and run off to elope because they didn’t give a shit what anyone thought…not even her father.  They truly held each down and supported each other…. If Selena had not been tragically gunned downed and murdered only a couple years into their marriage…there is not doubt in my mind they would still be married…happily married at that… They had a unique understanding and respect for each other that is so rare….their love is a true inspiration… Chris to this day is still in love with Selena… The entire world felt the pain of Selena’s death…I can only imagine how her husband felt… If you haven’t read Chris’ book “To Selena, With Love” yet you should….It gives great insight into her life, loves, passions, and their life together…

Here are a few of our favorite Selena and Chris flicks….

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“Selena…I’m Still Dreaming Of You”- Chris Perez