Another one of our favorite movies is CRY BABY!! This movie s a ’90s cult classic!   It is based in the 1950s in Baltimore… about a good-hearted bad boy Cry Baby (played by Johnny Depp) who falls in love with good girl Allison… It pairs two groups against each other… the “Drapes” and the “Squares”…. this film is a teen musical parody written and directed by John Waters… this is Depp at one of his best… If you haven’t seen it…watch that shit now!


18 Cry Baby / Cry-Baby 113216 15 tumblr_mea2vaoMyb1qj5vtno1_50011 12

tumblr_mueb4cOQq41qbjfsyo1_50013 14 7 tumblr_mu56yjmwVt1st3ctco1_5006 5 3

tumblr_mugm3kKx3n1rg3tlho1_2501 Johnny Depp the Rebel20

tumblr_muf2qtDrYZ1se1189o1_5002223crybaby-gang 25

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