Happy Friday Y’all!

We are going to be doing a new weekly blog feature every Friday called ‘Dipped Babes of The Week’…. We will be featuring pictures of saucy babes who instagrammed themselves rocking our Apple Sauced clothing during the week.  Make sure you #AppleSauced and at us @shopapplesauced so we can feature you lookin saucy on our weekly blog!

Get Dipped. Stay Sauced. Do You Baby Boo…!!


tumblr_mtabukPlRY1qigxnjo1_500tumblr_mtpnmnpY3y1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mtlyfmsI3l1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mtk1x3JbI81qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mtjk42oGJd1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mtg8l5bnvf1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mszca0zmJC1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mszmx8XMd31qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mt6wwd93Nd1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_mtckhn1cRM1qigxnjo1_500 tumblr_msf5uh8vS01qigxnjo1_500photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Instagram- @ShopAppleSauced

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